"Bachelorette Party"

Here’s the request for Logan crashing your bachelorette party. Sorry this took forever to get to! :D -E

"Just promise me you won’t get so drunk that you hook up with a male stripper or something," Logan says, kissing you softly before your bridesmaids took you out for your bachelorette party.

"I promise," you say, laughing softly. Before you can kiss him again, you are pulled into the limo by your bridesmaids.

"It’s your last night of being single!!!!" One of the girls yells. You smile. 

"I don’t get why people say that. I’m not single. I’m taken!" you say, laughing.

"But it’s your last night before you are committed your whole life! Honestly that thought scares the shit out of me," another girl says. 

"It doesn’t scare me at all. I can’t wait to start my life with Logan," you say, happily.

"Enough talk about boys. This is girls night out!" One of them says. You smile and take a shot with all the girls, the vodka burning all the way down. A few minutes later you pull up to the bar. The music is pounding through the speakers and the lights are flashing everywhere. You are dragged over to the bar where your girlfriends buy the first round of drinks. 

"I brought the singles!" one of them yells over the music, gesturing towards the male strippers giving lap dances on the other side of the room. 

"Oh no no no I don’t think so," you say, protesting, but the girls drag you over and sit you in a chair. A tan, buff guy wearing extremely tight underwear walks over and takes his place on your lap. You feel extremely uncomfortable but all your friends are laughing and cheering it on as he starts undressing. 

"Oh fuck no," you hear from behind you. Logan and all his groomsmen are standing behind you. You push the stripper off your lap and walk over to Logan, your head rushing from the alcohol.

"Logan what are you guys doing at a male strip club?" you ask, stumbling a bit.

"It’s a female strip club too," one of the groomsmen says, pointing to the half naked girls on the other side of the bar. 

"I think this beautiful lady paid for a lap dance so you should probably let her get back to it man," the stripper says to Logan.

"Back off man before I punch you in the face," Logan says. The music is too loud and your head is pounding and you need air. Logan had taken care of you enough times to know that. 

"Let’s get you outside baby," Logan says, taking your hand and leading you towards the door. Once outside you wrap your arms around Logan’s neck.

"The girls made me do it. I really didn’t want to. It felt wrong," you explain. 

"I know that’s what happens at bachelorette parties and I’m sorry I crashed it," Logan says, leaning down to kiss you.

"If you hadn’t been at the same club as us you would have gotten a female stripper so technically we would have been even," you say, smiling.

"Nah, the only girl I would want to give me a lap dance is standing right in front of me," Logan says with a sly smile. You feel yourself blushing. "You should get back to the party. Me and the guys can find another bar for our bachelor party," Logan says. You sigh, not wanting Logan to leave.

"No more strippers for me. I’ll just watch the other girls enjoy the unnaturally sculpted men," you joke. 

"Have fun baby. I’ll see you tomorrow at our wedding. I’ll be the one in the tux," Logan says, leaning down to kiss one last time before he became your husband. 

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